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Embracing Tradition and Technology: Schnorr Farms

Embracing Tradition and Technology: Schnorr Farms

Schnorr Farms, located in Fort Collins, Colorado, has a story of resilience, family unity, and technological advancement in agriculture. Led by Christopher Schnorr, this family-owned and operated farm has navigated challenges with a spirit of determination.

Christopher Schnorr’s journey into the helm of Schnorr Farms began at the age of 20, following the loss of his father to cancer. “It was a rough, rough time,” he recalls, reflecting on the daunting task of assuming leadership. “I had no clue what I was doing. I don’t think I’ve figured it out to this day, but we show up every morning and go to work and give it our all.”

From stories of saving crops during droughts with babies strapped to their backs, to watching the three Schnorr children grow up on the farm, it is safe to say Schnorr Farms has been a family affair since day one.

Throughout its evolution, Schnorr Farms has integrated tradition with cutting-edge technology. Embracing John Deere’s innovations marked a pivotal moment for the farm, utilizing GPS systems and Precision Planting techniques that helped take their operation to new levels.

“We’ve grown tremendously,” Christopher affirms, highlighting the farm’s technological evolution. “We really went head over heels into it this year with all the precision planting and the mapping and having the newer, updated computers to where the minute they pull into the field, whoever is running them knows what field they are in.”

Driven by a desire to streamline operations, Schnorr Farms embraced JD Link, providing Christopher with visibility of the farm’s activities through the Operations Center dashboard.

Christopher reflects on the transformative impact of technology on farm management: “With the technology, it’s easier to train them, easier to manage them, easier to watch what they’re doing.”

As Schnorr Farms looks to the future, Christopher envisions further advancements, including embracing autonomy in farming practices. “I think we’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg on where we’re going,” he reflects. “It’s a hell of a vision. We just got to get there.”