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Hear from your fellow farmers!

Hear from your fellow farmers!

Thank you to our five wonderful customers who participated in our High Plains Ag Expo customer panel. Here are some of the highlights but be sure to scan the QR code to watch the full conversation.

Clint Jessen – Jessen Wheat Co.

I watch Ops Center like a video game. My wife makes fun of me, even if I sneak home for dinner, I can see where everything is at, where everything is going, and still be able to manage my operation and I don’t have to physically be in the field. It is just absolutely fantastic to have that piece of management in the palm of my hand and be able to see who is doing what, why something is stopped, why something is moving, and where the trucks are at.”  

Brian Armstrong – Big Springs, NE

“Our partnership with 21st Century boils down to one word and that’s people. From management down to our store level its about people, it’s about the relationships you have with people. It’s about a 30 year relationship with our salesman. We know these people, we know them very well. We know when we have a problem, they’re going to be there to help us.”

 Nicholas Lapaseotes – Bridgeport, NE, Lapaseotes Farm

“All of our grand is irrigated so we soil sample every field. We’re building fertilizer plans based on those soil samples. We are not only doing soil samples per field but we’re breaking each pivot down by each quarter, so we’re building a prescription or fertilizer plan for each quarter of a field. It’s really nice to be able to use the variable rate technology, especially when we’re strip tilling to be able to apply different rates of fertilizer, so when we come in with the planter, we can do a flat rate 2×2 starter and then whatever’s in the balance we can just inject a flat rate instead of having to go out and move the pivot a quarter of the way around, stop it, and change your rate. All that kind of stuff takes time. The more you can utilize putting the right stuff in the right place the more efficient you can be.” 

Dan Anderson – Haxtun, CO, Anderson Wheat Farms, Inc.

“The efficiencies, the least movement you can have across an entire operation the more efficient you are, the more money you’re going to make in the long run. You are going to have people where they need to be and equipment where it needs to be. We’ll have John Deere call us sometimes because we’ll have a tractor throw a code and they’ll know it before I do.”

Kent Kalsevic – Bennet, CO,  Kalsevic Farms

“The most valuable part of having your fleet connected is so have those synergies all the way through because independently many of those operations don’t make sense. If we can bring together where the logistics need to be and monitor where the logistics are and the timing of that we can drive such a level of efficiency that is difficult, and everybody has the power of that in the palm of their hand.”