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John Deere 1890 No-Till Air Drill Spotlight

John Deere 1890 No-Till Air Drill Spotlight

Wheat planting seems to come more quickly every year. Farmers can prepare for this busy season by making sure all their equipment is in proper working order and that they’re using the best machinery possible.

With this in mind, we wanted to spend a little time talking about a fan favorite, the John Deere 1890 No-Till Air Drill.

What makes a no-till drill like this different from other methods? A John Deere No-Till Drill can help farmers improve soil health, operate in a more environmentally friendly manner and ultimately save money throughout time.

We’re all too familiar with how precious soil moisture is. A no-till drill helps users conserve as much moisture as possible by creating a minimal disturbance of the soil itself.

This machine slices through stubble, allowing users to sew over debris without an intense build up between the disks. By positioning each tank on the side, operators can expect even weight distribution across the toolbar, helping maintain a consistent level of pressure throughout the duration of the job.

An 1890 No-Till Drill can help farmers improve the efficiency of their operation. This machine’s impressive capacity can help users spend more time in the field and less time on seed refills. The use of John Deere’s Section Control feature can also help ensure added productivity with each pass. Of course, this machine also features Parallel Tracking™ or AutoTrac™ compatibility.

The 1890’s fully adjustable sewing units help this machine do its job well. These units include:

  • 18 inch Cutting Wheels – These wheels are used to create a nice path for the seed.
  • Depth Gauge Wheels – The purpose of this feature is to keep an even depth at all times, offering users 14 different depth options.
  • Press Wheels – These help ensure there is adequate seed to soil contact.
  • Closing Wheels – These wheels come behind to properly pack the soil on top.

Electronic sensors built into each seeder head assist in the detection of any issues, like a blockage or disruption of airflow, as soon as possible.

The newest edition of the John Deere 1890 No-Till Air Drill also features John Deere’s ProSeries™ Openers, the most advanced opener available for seed and separate fertilizer placement. Learn more about John Deere’s ProSeries here.

When you’re finished in the field, the 1890 folds up for easier transport. When folded, this drill measures at a width of 14.33 feet.

Are you ready to upgrade your fleet to include a John Deere 1890 No-Till Air Drill? Contact the 21st Century Equipment John Deere dealership location nearest you today to learn more, or request a quote directly from our website.