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Our 10-Year Platinum Warranty Package

Our 10-Year Platinum Warranty Package

Maintaining your machine should be easy. That’s why 21st Century Equipment has you covered with a 10-year powertrain warranty on any series 1-5 utility tractor. Plus, you can roll your yearly maintenance costs into the monthly payments of your machine!

Keep your equipment at its best

As part of the 10-Year Warranty, our Platinum Warranty Package includes a yearly machine inspection for:

  • Air filters
  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Check all belts, hoses and clamps
  • Check battery electrolyte level
  • Drain water from fuel tank
  • Drain water from fuel tank and replace fuel filters
  • Clean radiator and oil cooler fins
  • Check wheel belt torque
  • Check radiator coolant freeze point and clarity of coolant
  • Check front axle oil level
  • Lubricate machine grease fittings
  • Check park and service brake adjustment

The John Deere Promise

On top of our 10 Year Platinum Warranty Package, select residential lawn and garden equipment is also covered with The John Deere Promise. If you are dissatisfied with a new purchase during the first 30 days, you may bring it back for repair, another unit or your money back. Talk to your local dealer for more details.

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A.COVERAGE: Subject to the terms and conditions of the 21st Century Equipment Protection Program, we will repair or replace, at our option, COVERED COMPONENTS (as defined below) of Covered Equipment described in the Schedule of Coverage that are defective in material or workmanship. For the 21st Century Equipment Protection Program to apply, the repair or replacement of Covered Components must be performed by an authorized 21st Century Equipment employee. Such repair or replacement will be made without charge to you except as described in Paragraph H (DEDUCTIBLE) and any additional charges for service calls or transportation as set forth in the 21st Century Equipment Protection Program. The 21st Century Equipment Protection Program is only available through authorized 21st Century Equipment locations and is not effective unless and until the 21st Century Equipment Protection Program document has been signed by you and an authorized representative of 21st Century Equipment.B.COVERED COMPONENTS: The 21st Century Equipment Protection Program only applies to covered engine and powertrain components of Covered Equipment. Covered Components mean only the factory installed or genuine manufacturer replacements listed below, as well as related components that perform a similar function:a.Engine Components means the cylinder block, cylinder head, valve covers, oil pan, emissions control components, timing gear covers, flywheel housing, and all parts contained therein.b.Powertrain Components means the transmission, transmission case, differential and axle housings, clutch housings, MFWD front axle assembly, and all parts contained therein. (does not include external drivelines, dry clutch parts, or steering cylinders).C.NOT COVERED COMPONENTS: Engine and powertrain components that are Not Covered Components, include, but are not limited to, the following:a.Engine Components Not Covered include external pipes and hoses (such as, but not limited to, turbo charger, oil line, injector pump lines, and air intake hoses and clamps), variable speed fan drive, viscous fan drive, or fan and accessory drive belts, accessory mounting brackets, accessories, after-coolers, fuel transfer pumps, and normal wear parts such as seals. Other electronic controls (such as but not limited to hand and foot throttle, internal cab controllers, etc.) are also not covered.b.Powertrain Components Not Covered include seals on external shafts, dry clutch parts, steering cylinders, external linkages, pipes and hoses; rims, tires, and tubes; and components mounted to but not functionally part of the drive train, including but not limited to rockshaft parts, mounting brackets, and cylinders. Other powertrain components that are Not Covered Components also include the main hydraulic pump, reverser lever, three point hitch controller, and suspension components and systems, such as, but not limited to systems for axles, cabs and tracks.D.COVERAGE LIMITATIONS:a.The following are not included in and not covered by the 21st Century Equipment Protection Program unless required to be covered by law;i.Overtime labor charged in excess of our normal labor rate;ii.Charges for service calls or for transportation or storage of the Covered Equipment;iii.Depreciation, damage or failure caused by normal wear, lack of reasonable and proper maintenance, failure to follow operating instructions, misuse, or lack of proper protection during storage;iv.Loss or damage due to theft, vandalism or riot, the elements, fire, explosion, chemicals or salt, or collision or other accidents;v.Subject to the items that are included in the annual maintenance plan terms of the 21st Century Equipment Protection Program normal maintenance and replacement of maintenance items (including the cleaning or replacement of particulate filters), wear items (such as, but not limited to brake and clutch components), or consumables; andvi.Any defect in a non-covered component or damage to or failure of a Covered Component caused by a defect in a non-covered component.b.The following are not included in and are not covered by the 21st Century Equipment Protection Program:i.Failures covered under any other warranty, product improvement program or product recall, other service agreement, or insurance, including, without limitation, any warranty issued by the manufacturer of the Covered Equipment;ii.Failures occurring while the Covered Equipment is being used for any illegal purpose;

i.Costs incurred for discretionary retrofitting of current design components on older Covered Equipment or reconditioningof the Covered Equipment or its components;ii.Expenses associated with any repair required or provided for by any regulation or order of a court or regulatory agency,or by consent decree or settlement;iii.Damage to other property or injury to any person;iv.Any indirect or consequential damage or injuries, including but not limited to loss of crops or profits, rental charges forsubstitute equipment, or other loss of income, or loss of use; NOTE: Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitationof incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you;v.Failure of the Covered Equipment to meet any federal, state, provincial, or local emission requirements unless thisfailure is the result of the failure of a Covered Component;vi.The cost of cleanup or damages for any liability resulting from the escape, release, or discharge of any pollutants orwaste, and;vii.Any other cost, damage, event or other circumstance that is not specifically covered pursuant to Paragraph A.(COVERAGE) above. 

E. WHEN COVERAGE APPLIES: The 21st Century Equipment Protection Program will apply during the Coverage Term indicated in the Schedule of Coverage selected unless one of the events described in Paragraph F below occurs, in which case, plan coverage will terminate immediately. F. TERMINATION OF COVERAGE: The 21st Century Equipment Protection Program will terminate immediately when any of the following occur: a. The Coverage Term has expired; b. The Covered Equipment’s engine hour meter stops working or has been tampered with, or is otherwise rendered inaccurate or inoperable (we may waive this provision, in writing, upon repair or replacement of the engine hour meter if actual hours can be verified); c. The Covered Equipment is modified or altered in ways not in accordance or compliance with factory specifications; d. Service or repair, affecting the Covered Components, other than normal maintenance and/or replacement of service items, is performed by someone other than 21st Century Equipment; e. The Covered Equipment is moved to a location outside the United States; f. The manufacturer’s warranty is terminated or voided prior to the original expiration date for any reason; or g. The Covered Equipment is sold or otherwise transferred to a new owner or after the Covered Equipment is first leased or rented by you to any third party; h. Annual maintenance is not performed on the Covered Equipment by a 21st Century Equipment technician within 12 months of the previous inspection or maintenance. G. MAXIMUM RECOVERY: Our cumulative liability over the Coverage Term for covered repairs or replacements of Covered Components shall not exceed your purchase price for the Covered Equipment. H. DEDUCTIBLE: For each covered repair event under the 21st Century Equipment Protection Program, you must first pay the Deductible, indicated in the Schedule of Coverage, for the parts and labor charges for that repair. Once a deductible has been paid for a covered repair event, subsequent work, performed under the 21st Century Equipment Protection Program, and required due to failure of the original repair by 21st Century Equipment, will not be subject to additional deductibles. A covered repair event will include all covered parts and labor charges included under a single work order. I. MAINTENANCE OF COVERED EQUIPMENT AND RECORDS: You must properly maintain the Covered Equipment and, at your expense, perform scheduled maintenance in accordance with the Operators Manual for the Covered Equipment. You must maintain records of all scheduled maintenance, repair, or service work completed and must present these records to us, upon our request, to verify compliance with this condition. The equipment must be serviced and inspected annually by 21st Century Equipment. J. ASSIGNMENT: Your interest in the 21st Century Equipment Protection Program cannot be assigned. Subject to the Coverage Term, the 21st Century Equipment Protection Program will apply only to the Covered Equipment described in the Schedule of Coverage while you are the owner of the Covered Equipment and have not leased or rented the Covered Equipment to a third-party. If you sell the Covered Equipment to a new owner, any remaining coverage under the 21st Century Equipment Protection Program will not apply to the subsequent purchaser. K. COSTS: You acknowledge and understand that you did not pay any additional consideration for the 21st Century Equipment Protection Program and that it was offered as a standard feature in connection with your purchase of the Covered Equipment from 21st Century Equipment. If you sell the Covered Equipment prior to the expiration of the 21st Century Equipment Protection Program, any remaining coverage will not be transferred to the new owner. L. CHANGES: The 21st Century Equipment Protection Program contains all of your rights and responsibilities for coverage to apply. The terms, conditions, or limitations of this 21st Century Equipment Protection Program can only be amended or changed if approved in writing by the management team of 21st Century Equipment. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.