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Military Recruiting

At 21st Century Equipment, we are deeply committed to supporting our nation's veterans. We recognize the skills, dedication, and work ethic that veterans bring to the table. That's why we actively seek to recruit and hire veterans as a part of our team. We understand that military experience instills qualities such as leadership, discipline, and adaptability, which are not only essential in the armed forces but also highly valued in the workplace. By welcoming veterans into our workforce, we not only honor their service but also enrich our organization with diverse perspectives and experiences. Join us as we salute our veterans and empower them to embark on a rewarding career path with us.

John Deere Careers Skills Program

Whether you grew up on a farm or have never set foot on a tractor, the John Deere
Army Career Skills Program and DoD Skillbridge provide service members with an opportunity to transition into a new role seamlessly. As a leading provider of advanced products and services in agriculture and beyond, John Deere is bigger than just a job—it’s a chance to continue supporting your community and the world.